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Overseas Basketball Connection is the #1 Mobile app for players pursuing pro basketball contracts! We are men's and women's players most trusted source for playing overseas basketball! Will you be our next player we place on a pro basketball team! create your profile now on the app.

How does Overseas Connection Work?

step 1: Create your profile

create your profile by adding your film, stats, photo and everything a team would need to know how good of a player you are.

Step 2: Find overseas openings in job marketplace section

Scroll through overseas openings and apply to the openings that match your position. apply to openings that fit you and your situation.

Step 3: Apply and send your profile to the opening that fits you

Find the opening that fits you. the openings vary from pay and position. also choose an opening you know you will play for iif the team wants to sign you. the worst thing you can do is waste the time of a team that wants to sign you but you dont want to play for them.

Step 4: Stay patient wait for team to reach out and sign you

Stay patient. this is a major key to any professional basketball player still waiting for their opportunity to play. Patience is key to being a professional and going where you want to go.

What is sOverseas Basketball Connection?

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Overseas News

Need more exposure and film? try attending our overseas combine in 16 locations this winter!